[:en]Research on deaf or hard of hearing gaelscoil students[:GA]Taighde ar dhaltaí gaelscoile bodhara nó lagéisteachta[:]





Plain Language Statement

Principal/Board of Management


What this research study is about:

The School of Inclusive & Special Education in Dublin City University is undertaking a study entitled “‘Bodhar sa Ghaelscoil’: the language backgrounds, experiences and practices of Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHH) children enrolled in Gaelscoileanna in the Republic of Ireland”. The principal investigator is Dr Elizabeth Mathews (elizabeth.mathews@dcu.ie or 01-8842247). This research is part-funded by the St. Patrick’s College Research Committee under Dublin City University. The purpose of the study is to better understand why DHH children are increasingly being enrolled in Gaelscoileanna and what their language experiences are both at home and in school.  This research is being carried out because the enrolment of DHH children in Gaelscoileanna is a recent phenomenon, and we know very little about it.

What am I asking you to do?

For the purposes of this research study, I am asking for your permission to interview your resource teacher (or the child’s class teacher if there is no resource teacher) about their experience of working with the study child who is DHH and in your Gaelscoil. I estimate that the interview will take about one hour. I would like to audio record this interview so that I can transcribe it. I would also like to ask for your permission to examine some documents relating to the study child that you have (for example a recent audiogram, speech and language therapy reports, existing test results) so that I can find out a little more about children’s language background.  Parents will also be interviewed and the child will complete a questionnaire with the help of their parent.  Parents will also be asked to give consent for all aspects of this study.


What are the potential risks or benefits?

There is a very small risk that the teacher involved might find it upsetting to recount any professional difficulties they are having in the area of including this pupil in your Gaelscoil.  If this happens, I will follow up with that teacher by phone call the day after the interview. If, following that, they are still upset, I will provide you with information on how they can contact the Special Education Support Service for support in this area. However, it is anticipated that this research may be beneficial since it may bring awareness to the issue.  The results of the research will be presented at a public lecture in Dublin, and a summary will be made available online on the DCU website. Academic publications and conference presentations will also be used to broadcast the results.


How will the data be stored?

All information collected from you for this study will be anonymised and securely stored in password-protected documents and hard copy data will be stored in a locked filing cabinet.  Hard copy data will be shredded and your contact details will be deleted and expunged after two years.  Research data will be anonymized and stored electronically in password-protected files for later research.  Please note that confidentiality of data is subject to legal limitations. Also, given the small number of DHH students enrolled in Gaelscoileanna nationwide, there is the possibility that your school may be identifiable to those familiar with it who read this study. Participation in this study is voluntary and you are free to withdraw from the research study at any point before the completion of the study.

If you have any questions about this study, you are welcome to contact the principal

investigator by email at elizabeth.mathews@dcu.ie.


Tá an Dr Elizabeth Mathews (Scoil an Oideachais Cuimsithe agus Speisialta, An Institiúd Oideachais, Ollscoil Chathair Bhaile Átha Cliath) i mbun staidéir faoi láthair ar na cúlraí teanga, eispéiris agus nósanna páistí atá Bodhar nó Lagéisteacht cláraithe i nGaelscoileanna. Is é seo an chéad tionscadal dá leithéid in Éirinn.

Tá sí i mbun earcaíochta don staidéar seo i láthair na huaire. Chun páirt a ghlacadh sa staidéar seo, is gá do pháiste a bheith aitheanta mar bodhar nólagéisteacht (caillteanas éisteachta déthaobhach sa réimse measarthach, dian nó trom), iad ar aois idir 5 agus 13, agus iad cláraithe i nGaelscoil nó Scoil Gaeltachta (iad cláraithe ar feadh tréimhse sé mhí ar a laghad). I rith an staidéir, cuirfear tuismitheoir agus múinteoir acmhainne an pháiste faoi agallamh (nó an múinteoir ranga muna bhfuil múinteoir acmhainne i gceist), agus déanfaidh an páiste ceistneoir a chomhlíonadh le cabhair ón dtuismitheoir. Má cheapanntú go mbeadh do scoil intofa, léigh le do thoil an ráitéis gnáththeanga agus sínigh an foirm toilithe feasach atá ceangailte (as Gaeilge agus as Béarla) thíos.  Is féidir iad a sheol ar ais chugam ag elizabeth.mathews@dcu.ie