List of Schools in Dublin

There are currently 23 schools under the patronage of An Foras Pátrúnachta in Dublin.

Gaelscoil Áine


Gaelscoil an Chuilinn

Gaelscoil an Chuilinn is an interdemoninational primary school. It promotes a catholic ethos underlined by the culture and traitions of Ireland. Irish is the main language of the school. The faiths of Catholicism and Church of Ireland are both taught during school hours. The local priest and rector are welcomed to the school. The children are prepared for the sacraments during school hours.
Gaelscoil an Chuilinn, Bóthar Bhaile an Phaoraigh, Baile an Tirialaigh,Baile Átha Cliath 15.

Gaelscoil Bhaile Brigín

Gaelscoil Bhaile Brigín’s vision is to create a positive, caring, open learning environment, where each child’s individuality is celebrated, encouraged and nurtured.
As a Gaelscoil, we foster a love and respect of the Irish Language, culture and traditions. Irish is the language of the school and is promoted in a positive way throughout the whole community.
Our school creates an environment where a love of learning inspires and motivates both students and teachers alike. Parents, as partners in education are welcomed and encouraged to participate openly in all aspects of school life.
Gaelscoil Bhaile Brigín promotes a care and respect of the environment in all members of it’s community. Gaelscoil Bhaile Brigín is an interdenominational school and a respect and understanding of both Catholic and Protestant traditions will be promoted.

Gaelscoil Bhaile Munna

Gaelscoil Bhaile Munna is a coeducational primary school with a Catholic ethos. The Gaelscoil was founded in 1994 and has been growing and developing since. The school is located on Coultry Road, Ballymun, Dublin 9.

Gaelscoil Bharra

The aim of the school has always been to boost the self confidence and esteem of the children through education as Gaeilge , promoting a love of their own culture and community and a respect for all other cultures and languages.Gaelscoil Bharra is a Catholic school in Cabra, Dublin 7.

Gaelscoil Bhrian Bóroimhe

Gaelscoil Bhrian Boróimhe was founded in Swords in 1999 as an all Irish, interdemoninational primary school for boys and girls. They want to provide a high quality all-Irish education, where the child and their development as a whole is central. A certain emphasis is put on the Irish culture as a lively, active culture and the students are encouraged to bring it with them and spread it into their own lives. Gaelscoil Bhrian Boróimhe recognise the different culture, race, reiligion and individuality of every person. It gives recognition to the Christian spirit. A mixed faith of Catholic/Protestant is nurtured in Gaelscoil Bhrian Boróimhe

Gaelscoil Chnoc Liamhna

Gaelscoil Chnoc Liamhna is a coeducational primary school with a Catholic ethos. The Gaelscoil was founded in 1996 and has been growing and developing since. The school is located on Old Knocklyon Road, Knocklyon, Dublin 16.

Gaelscoil Cholmcille

Gaelscoil Cholmcille, a coeducational Catholic Gaelscoil, was founded in 1996. The school is located on Coolock Lane, Coolock, Dublin 17. The school’s motto is ‘Praise and Encourage’. Gaelscoil Cholmcille make every effort to help and support children of every ability. Self-respect and respect for each other will be encouraged through school life. This school experience encourages a love for learning, tradition and for this country’s culture all through the medium of Irish.

Gaelscoil Eiscir Riada

Gaelscoil Eiscir Riada, a coeducational Gaelscoil with a Catholic characteristic spirit, was founded in 2005. There were 26 children, a principal and one teacher in the school when it started out. Now there are over 400 pupils attending the school which is located in a new building. The school is located on Griffeen Road in Lucan across from the Lucan Leisure Centre.

  • Gaelscoil Eiscir Riada, Bóthar an Ghrifín, 21A Bóthar Oakley,Leamhcán, Co. Áth Cliath. K78 YX77
  • 01-6210342
  • Principal: Ciara Uí hÉilí
Gaelscoil Eoin

An Foras Pátrúnachta opened Gaelscoil Eoin in September 2021 to cater for the Dublin 2 and Dublin 4 areas. We’re delighted to be providing parents with a new school choice – a co-ed, multi-denominational and multilingual Gaelscoil. In our school, everyone is welcome and everyone is equal – a #Gaelscoil4all! We look forward to providing excellent education and to always putting the happiness of our students first.

Gaelscoil Ghráinne Mhaol

We are a new multi denominational Gaelscoil where everyone is welcome.
Our language of communication is Gaeilge. The children are at the very centre of the school and we aim to provide an education of the highest standard through the medium of the Irish language in a happy, friendlly and inclusive atmosphere.

  • Gaelscoil Ghráinne Mhaol, Bóthar Mhainistir na Gráinsí, Domhnach Míde, Baile Átha Cliath 13. D13 NP52
  • 083-0118539
  • Principal: Clíodhna Ní Chearúil
Gaelscoil Laighean

Gaelscoil Laighean is a multi-denominational school, catering for both girls and boys.

  • Gaelscoil Laighean, Cill na Gráinsí, An Charraig Dhubh, Co. Bhaile Átha Cliath. A94 FC44
  • 085-8036710
  • Principal: Aoife Ní Scolaí
Gaelscoil Lios na nÓg

Gaelscoil Lios na nÓg is a coeducational Gaelscoil with a Catholic characteristic spirit. The school was founded in 1996 and has developed smoothly since then under the direction of the principal, Áine Nic an tSíthigh. A group of local parents founded the school in 1996 and Naíonra Lios na nÓg in 1997 to provide all-Irish education for their own children and for those of other parents seeking an Irish language school with excellent educational standards.

Gaelscoil Lir

Gaelscoil Lir is a co-educational, multi-denominational, democratic and inclusive primary school. At Gaelsocil Lir, everyone is welcome and everyone is equal.
We aim to provide excellent child-centred education through the medium of the Irish Language.
We endeavour to provide a motivating, happy and safe environment in which each child is cherished, and where staff are valued and supported in their work.
Staff, parents and the Board of Management work in partnership to enable each child to reach their full potential.

Gaelscoil na Fuinseoige

Gaelscoil na Fuinseoige opened in 2016. Gaelscoil na Giúise is a multi-denominational school. The school follows the ‘Learn Together’ programme, which aims to help learners develop critical awareness and an understanding of moral decision making.

Gaelscoil na Giúise

Gaelscoil na Giúise was opened in 2013. Gaelscoil na Giúise is a multidenominational school. The school follows the ‘Learn Together’ programme, which aims to help learners develop critical awareness and an understanding of moral decision making.

Gaelscoil na Mara

Osclaíodh Gaelscoil na Fuinseoige sa bhliain 2016. Is scoil ilchreidmheach í Gaelscoil na Fuinseoige agus leantar an clár chreidimh ‘Foghlaim le Chéile’, sa scoil. Foghlaimíonn na páistí faoi choincheap na reiligiún, ní chuirtear béim ar aon reiligiún faoi leith. Is í Aisling Uí Fhéich príomhoide na scoile.

Gaelscoil Phádraig

Gaelscoil Phadraig is in Ballybrack in South Co Dublin.We have 146 pupils on the roll, six mainstream classroom teachers, a learning support teacher, and a part time resource teacher. Gaelscoil Phadraig is an all Irish Primary school under the patronage of Foras Patrunachta na Scoileanna Langhaeilge with a Catholic ethos.

Gaelscoil Ros Eo

Gaelscoil Ros Eo is a Catholic Gaelscoil (primary school). Everyone is welcomed as an equal to the school.
Gaeilge is the primary language of the school. Communication with parents will be made available through Gaeilge and English.
It is our mission to provide a motivating, kind, happy and safe environment for our students, as a space in which they can discover and develop their needs.Parents will have a central and democratic role, from management to daily participation, in the life of the school.
Gaelscoil Ros Eo will strive to provide a healthy and safe work environment for its staff.All members of staff will fulfil their duties professionally.It is our mission to develop the spiritual needs of the children and the school will prepare children for the sacraments of Reconciliation (Confession), Eucharist (Holy Communion) and Confirmation.It is our mission to forge links with the wider community and promote the use of an Gaeilge in the town.

Gaelscoil Shliabh Rua
Gaelscoil Shliabh Rua is a Multi-Denominational Gaelscoil under the patronage of “Foras Pátrúnachta na Scoileanna Lánghaeilge”. We promote inclusiveness. We develop the child holistically to give them a fully rounded education. Co-operation between pupils, staff and parents is the foundation of our school. The professional development of Staff is important to us.
Equality is central to all aspects of the school. We are proud of the welcoming, positive atmosphere in the school.

Gaelscoil Thaobh na Coille

In Gaelscoil Thaobh na Coille we strive to provide an excellent standard of education through the medium of Irish.
This will be achieved by: Cultivating a positive attitude and love of the Irish language and culture, in the pupils. Paying due regard to the development of each area of the curriculum: the languages, Irish and English; Mathematics; Social, Environmental and Scientific Education; Art Education; Physical Education; Social, Personal and Health Education; and Religious Education. Trying to enable the pupils to reach a high standard in Irish and in English by the time they leave the school. Giving the pupils every opportunity to reach the highest of standards in reading, writing and arithmetic. Creating an environment in which the pupils can express themselves through different media – for example music, art, sport, dance, drama etc. Specific Aims, that the pupils will enjoy school life. A high standard of behaviour will be demanded. Ensuring that pupils are kind considerate and well-mannered at all times to other pupils, teachers and visitors, so that there will be a positive atmosphere of co-operation in the school. (see code of behaviour). The development of self confidence and self-esteem in the pupils. The development of good interpersonal skills. Placing emphasis on good listening skills, enabling the pupils to listen attentively and with consideration. Emphasis placed on competent and effective communication skills.
That the pupils attain the highest standard according to their ability.

Gaelscoil Uí Earcáin

Since opening our doors eight years ago with two teachers and twenty children we have gone from strength to strength and we now have 16 teachers and 235 pupils. We are very proud of the development of Gaeilge in Finglas and of the excellent education provided by our teachers and staff. We hope that your child will be very happy in Gaelscoil Uí Earcáin and that you the parent will be fully involved with us in school life.Gaelscoil Uí Earcáin is a Catholic school in Finglas, Dublin 11.

  • Gaelscoil Uí Earcáin, Bóthar Ghlas an Éin, Fionnghlas Thoir, Baile Átha Cliath 11. D11 VP44
  • 01-8643544
  • Principal: Leah Ní Mhaoláin
Scoil Chaitlín Maude

We are a Gaelscoil based in Tallaght, Dublin 24. We welcome pupils, parents and all visitors to our site. Here, you will find any information you are searching for with regard to the school and the wonderful work undertaken by our pupils.

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