Bilingualism is defined as having the ability to speak two languages. Children who attend An Foras Pátrúnachta schools are proficient in both Irish and English.

Research on bilingual education shows that children who learn bilingually:

  • Perform better academically
  • Find it easier to learn other languages
  • Achieve higher scores in English and Maths
  • Are open to other cultures and less racist


Our move from bilingualism to multilingualism has begun. We will grow multilingual education in our schools by implementing the ‘CLIL’ system, as used across Europe, thus providing additional opportunities to our students in the long run. Our pilot scheme was launched 25.11.17 at our Annual Conference.

Ireland needs a multilingual workforce, in view of Brexit more than ever. An Foras Pátrúnachta are industry leaders in education in this area with 100% of our schools already successfully implementing the full-immersion education model. We are delighted that international experts Piet Van de Craen and Inma Muñoa Barredo presented to our schools on CLIL (Content & language integrated learning), an extremely successful method used across Europe and beyond for language acquisition in several languages together.


‘Multilingual Learning and the New Learning Paradigm. Why Multilingual Education is Innovative Education.’ by Dr. Piet Van de Craen (Brussels University) is available here.
‘Promoting the use of a minority language through multilingualism: The case of Ikastolas.’ by Inma Muñoa Barredo (Ikastolas, The Basque Country) is available here.

Video on CLIL

CLIL: The next step

Our booklet for schools detailing the next steps in implementing CLIL is available on the Irish version of this page.

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