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Boards of Management

What does the Board of Management do?

he board’s main function is to manage the school on behalf of the patron and for the benefit of the students and to provide an appropriate education for each student at the school. The board is accountable to the patron and the Minister for Education. The school principal is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school and is accountable to the board.

In carrying out its functions, the board must:

  • Follow the Ministerial policies
  • Support the ethos of the school and be accountable to the patron for this
  • Comply with the law and with any deed, charter, or similar instrument relating to the school.
  • Consult with and inform the patron of decisions and proposals
  • Publish the school’s admissions and participation policies, including its policy on expulsion and suspension of students and the admission and participation by students with disabilities or with special educational needs
  • Ensure that the school’s admissions policy respects parents’ choices and the principles of equality, complies with Ministerial directions and considers the school ethos and the constitutional rights of all involved
  • Comply with the school’s admissions policy in line with the Education (Admission to Schools) Act 2018. The Act aims to make the rules around admissions to schools more structured, fair and transparent.
  • Regularly consider the teaching and learning in the school and ensure appropriate targets are set
  • Ensure a School Self-Evaluation Report and School Improvement Plan is prepared each year and share a summary of the plan with the whole school community annually
  • Observe the principles and requirements of a democratic society and promote respect for the diversity of values, beliefs, traditions, languages and ways of life in our society
  • Make efficient use of resources (particularly the grants provided by the State)
  • Consider the public interest in the affairs of the school and be accountable to students, parents and the community
  • Use the resources provided by the State to help meet the needs of students with disabilities or special needs, including, if necessary, the adaptation of buildings or provision of special equipment
  • Recognise the leadership roles of principals, deputy principals and assistant principals in the school as part of the goal to achieving high quality outcomes for students


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Why the Board of Management?

Board of Management 2023/2024

The composition of the board of management for schools with more than one teacher is:

  • Two direct nominees of the patron
  • Two parents of children enrolled in the school (one mother and one father) elected by the parents
  • The principal
  • One other serving teacher elected by the teaching staff
  • Two extra members agreed by the representatives of the patron, teachers and parents

There are particular rules for boards of management for convent and monastery schools in relation to the teacher representatives. If the principal is a religious, the elected teacher-member must be a lay person and, if the principal is a lay person, it is recommended that the elected teacher-member be a religious. In one-teacher schools, there is one direct nominee of the patron, one teacher representative, one parent and one extra member proposed by these nominees.

An Foras schools will be able to register new board nominees in December.

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Boards of Management
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