Campaign against cuts to education launched

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cut backs launch

Education groups at primary level, including An Foras Pátrúnachta, have joined forces to form the National Alliance for Primary Education. The Alliance comprises management, parents, teachers and principals. The aim of the Alliance is to call on the government to halt plans to cut primary education in this year’s budget.

The National Alliance believes that any attempt to cut primary education is a direct attack on children and their constitutional right to education. The group believes that the children of today and tomorrow should not be forced to pay for the country’s current financial troubles.

A postcard campaign targeted at TDs is being organised by the National Alliance and is to start this week. All schools have been informed of the campaign against the cuts and postcards will be sent to schools. Families of primary school children will be asked to send the postcards to all their TD’s urging them to resist cuts to primary education in the budget.

“We have to protect our children’s rights,” said Caoimhín Ó hEaghra, General Secretary of An Foras Pátrúnachta.

“Damage should not be done to the education provided to children. There is a direct link between every cutback in the system – is doesn’t matter where it is made – and the education that the children in our schools receive.

“If cutbacks are made to the education budget, that is a choice which is being made by the government, a choice that they are happy to accept this damage. We are making a plea to them not to make that choice.”

You can download a copy of the postcard here.