28/8/14 TEG – Special offer for Secondary School pupils

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The TEG team are delighted to announce that they have received a grant from COGG to offer the TEG exams to secondary school students in 2015 at a special rate. The TEG exams have been completed by almost 800 senior students over the past few years. The TEG syllabus at the appropriate level is studied in the classroom from the start of the year up until April/May. TEG examiners then come to the school to hold oral, written and aural exams in the school. Sample teaching material, direction and advice are given to teachers free of charge. The TEG system gives teachers and pupils a definite goal. It is a system in which there is a great emphasis on clear communication and language skills.

Thanks to COGG, senior students in schools which have not undertaken the TEG exams up until now will have the opportunity to undertake the exams for a fee of €40 per person (reduced from €80 per person). The pupils will begin their studies of the syllabus at the end of September and will sit the exams in April and May of 2015.

To involve your school in this programme, send an email to teanga@nuim.ie before the 18th of September with the following details:
• Name and address of school
• Year (4, 5 or 6) and the number of people in the class.
• A 100 word statement explaining why you would like this opportunity to be available in your school.

Terms and conditions:
• This competition is open to senior secondary school students from 4th – 6th year in schools which have not undertaken the TEG exams before. A minimum of 20 people in a class would need to be undertaking a particular TEG level.
• Pupils must compete the full exam in this scheme, not just the oral exam.
• Schools will be chosen in a lotto before the end of September 2014. Successful schools will be informed shortly after that.
• Only one class will be accepted from any particular school
For more information about TEG, visit http://teg.ie/gaeilge/scoileanna.htm. If you have particular questions about this scheme, call 01 7086417 or send an email to teanga@nuim.ie