21/7/14 Coláiste Ghlór na Mara: Important information

An Foras Pátrúnachta / News from Schools / 21/7/14 Coláiste Ghlór na Mara: Important information

Coláiste Ghlór na Mara will open for 1st day of classes on 1st September 2014 at 8:30am

Important Information:


  • School jumper
  • School tie
  • White shirt
  • Grey trousers
  • Grey skirt / socks (knee length)
  • Black shoes
  • Sports gear
  • Grey or navy tracksuit bottoms (no logos)
  • White polo shirt
  • Trainers (preferably non marking soles)
  • The School jumper and School tie can only be purchased from Mc Faddens in Balbriggan. Other items may be purchased from Mc Faddens or a supplier of your choice.

    Learning Materials

    The school will be using a virtual learning environment for the students and a blended learning approach. The school will provide tablet computers for the students to use in school and learning material will be provided online. The survey completed at the last meeting confirmed that students have access to a computer of some form and internet at home. The VLE will be accessible to any common operating system.

    To cover these costs a charge of €150 will be levied this year and for the following two years meaning a total payment of €450 over the three years.

    School expenses

    At the start of the year €50 will be collected to pay for

    1. Locker rental

    2. Personal insurance

    3. Science workbook

    4. Science coursework copy

    5. School journal

    School Equipment

    1. Schoolbag, pencil case etc

    2. Maths set and scientific calculator Sharp W531B writeview

    3. 10 copybooks

    4. A4 science hardback copy

    5. 5 A4 folders and a refill pad

    6. Box of polypockets (A4)

    7. A lock for the locker (combination) – possibly

    8. 4 Gb Memory stick

    9. Other subject specific materials e.g. First Entry Copies for Business, Art Equipment for Art.