School Policies

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Main policies for schools:

1. Child Protection:   Reviewed Annually

Template 1 – Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment

Template 2 – Checklist for Review

Template 3 – Notification regarding Board of Management’s review

Template 4 – Tuairisc an Phríomhoide ar Chosaint Leanaí (GA)

Other templates and resources are available here.

N.B. A review must be completed at the first Board of Management meeting of the school year. The date of the review must be published even if no change was made. Notification of the review must be shared with parents, with An Foras Pátrúnachta and displayed in the school. Ensure that the details of the school’s DLP and deputy DLP are clearly displayed close to the main school door.


3. Code of Behaviour:   Reviewed Annually

Template – Code of Behaviour Policy

4. Anti-bullying:   Reviewed Annually

Template – Anti-Bullying Policy

We recommend schools draw on the resources available at:

Expertise, training and advice are also available from the Anti-Bullying Centre, DCU:


5. Enrolment:   Reviewed Annually
7. Critical Incidents:   Reviewed Annually

Template – Critical Incidents Policy

Other Policies:

8. Common Policies:   Reviewed at various times
  1. Bullying in the workplace – HSA guidelines
  2. Social Media Policy
  3. Supporting transgender students; Best practice and guidance (primary level)
  4. Administration of Medicine Policy
  5. Acceptable Usage Policy (internet)
  6. Substance use
  7. School Attendance Strategy
  8. Special Education
  9. Assessment Practices
  10. Relationships and Sexuality Education
  11. Code of Conduct for Parents and Visitors
  12. Parental Complaints Procedure 
  13. Supervision in the school yard
  14. Leave from work – Job share, Career break & other // Circular 54/2019 (staff)
  15. Class allocation (staff)
  16. Arrangements for substitute staff (staff)
  17. Bullying on the team (staff)
  18. Staff Leave of Absence (staff)
  19. Policy on Multi-Grade Classes
  20. Exceptional Closures Policy
  21. Procedures in relation to school funding and safety
  22. Homework Policy
  23. Staff Leave of Absence
  24. Mobile Phone and Personal Electronic Device Practices
  25. Remote Teaching and Learning Plan
  26. Use of School-owned Devices at Home
  27. Digital Learning Plan

School Procedures:

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